Al Pacino and Your Law Practice (Part I)

OK, so I’m a little nuts.  The other night, for about two hours, I was up late getting ready for the football season.  As a New York Football Giants fan I clearly have nothing to be upset or complain about as we won the Super Bowl last year.

But it’s a new year, a new chapter.  And as I was up late, watching videos, I came across this gem (for a Giants fan):

Yeah, I’m a little nuts.  Then it got me thinking – about your law practice.  Two specific things about your practice.

First, as an owner of a small firm/solo, you answer to yourself and yourself alone.  You might think that there are others you answer to, like your employees, your spouse, judges, but the truth is – the buck stops with you.

When you think of “you” though, we generally think of one person.  There’s just you, all alone.  Yet it’s not true – on some days you are the businessperson, the bookkeeper, the leader, the parent/spouse, the procrastinator (no, not you, right?), and last and most certainly least – the attorney.  YOU are not singular, you are a divided entity of hats, emotions, and random shit to do.

Yet life, like football, and like your practice – is truly a game of inches.  Every inch, everything counts.  And if you are internally divided (or worse, not even planning) in terms of your next steps, then you and your practice will crumble.  It will.

One day one side of you wants to do X, another day it’s Y, yet another day it’s Z.  And then some days you just don’t want to deal and you waste your time on email all day (hello procrastinator!).  Is this you?

A house divided cannot stand, and if you are internally torn in terms your next steps then you will not get anywhere.  Worse yet, if you don’t even know where it is you are going, then you are sure to fall apart – especially when it comes to business – and your practice IS a business first and foremost.

Now is the time to look yourself in the mirror.  Really stand in the mirror – I’m not messing with you, I mean this.  Look yourself in the mirror and ask, do you see someone that will fight for you?  Will you fight for you?  Will the business side of you stand up with the attorney side of you and say – I AM GOING TO TAKE CONTROL OF MY PRACTICE!

Can you unite the different parts of yourself to make sure you are working at your peak so that you will be successful?

Because if you are divided then you will not get anywhere – I promise you that.  Unite the various parts of yourself, plan for success, and create what I call the Power Practice.

There was a second point, equally profound and important, that got me thinking in terms of your practice.  I’ll write about that next time.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can create a Power Practice, feel free to watch this: and sign up for the survey here:  I’d also love to hear feedback on this article if you have free time.  Thanks for reading!

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